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Corporate Brochure
Yuhikaku Publishing Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1877

Yuhikaku Publishing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1877. Amid the severe ups and downs of the publishing business, our long and successful track record is considered a rare accomplishment. The company was originally named Yushikaku at its founding, and ran an antiquarian bookshop located in the traditional bookseller district of Kanda in downtown Tokyo. Two years later, the company changed its name to Yuhikaku and entered the publishing business.

Focusing on the Fields of Social Sciences and Humanities

Yuhikaku’s publishing activities have expanded by keeping in step with Japan’s academic development throughout its modern history. We began publishing in the field of law, moved on to economics, and later diversified into various fields such as sociology, psychology and business administration. Thus, we have remained steadfastly devoted to publishing academic books to reflect the high quality of achievement in academia and to contribute to further academic development in the areas of social sciences and humanities in particular. Our efforts have resulted in the publication of approximately 12,800 book titles, which comprise our valuable assets.

A Pioneer in the Revival of Postwar Scholarship

In the summer of 1946, the year after the end of the Pacific War, Yuhikaku republished a revised version of Tatsukichi Minobe’s Kenpo Satsuyo (Essentials of the Constitution). This book had been banned because of the controversy surrounding the “Emperor as an Organ of Government Theory,” and so its republication heralded a revival of postwar scholarship. Subsequently, Yuhikaku successfully published a revised edition of the Roppo Zensho (A Compendium of Laws), Shin Horitsugaku Jiten (A New Dictionary of Law) and Shakaigaku Jiten (A Dictionary of Sociology), all large-scale and demanding projects.

Together with the Legal Community and University Education

In 1957, we launched the publication of the 60-volume Horitsugaku-Zenshu (Collected Studies in Law) as a project to commemorate our 80th anniversary, which in actuality took 28 years to complete, and for this publication we were awarded the special prize of the Mainichi Shuppan Bunka Sho (The Mainichi Publication Culture Prize). During that period, we published a large-scale and profound series of Yuhikaku Commentaries in sequence, and at the same time also launched the Horitsu Sodan Series (Legal Consultation Series) to meet the demand of legal circles and law practitioners. Additionally, during the period of the popularization of university education, we produced numerous series to respond to requests for a variety of textbooks, including Yuhikaku Sosho, Yuhikaku Books, Yuhikaku Daigaku Sosho, Yuhikaku S Series, Yuhikaku Arma, Yuhikaku Compact, and New Liberal Arts Selection, for which we have received unparalleled acclaim. Furthermore, we began to publish Legal Quest for law faculty education as a preparation for law schools, and Textbooks Tsukamu and Yuhikaku Insight are also both well-suited as textbooks for today’s law faculty classes. Naturally, we have been publishing many structured textbooks and studies, which remain long-selling products.

From Shinsho to the Compendium of Laws

As mentioned above, publishing for the legal community and university education are our main foci. To widen and deepen the trust we have gained in these fields, we have organized Yuhikaku Shinsho, Yuhikaku Sensho, Yuhikaku Libre and other such publications to diffuse specialized knowledge, and these have all received praise.
       In addition, we produce various periodical publications, such as annual publications, the Roppo Zensho (A Compendium of Laws), Pocket Roppo (A Pocket-size Compendium of Laws), Hanrei Roppo Professional (The Statutes and Precedents Professional), and Hanrei Roppo (Statutes and Precedents); magazines, Jurist, Hogaku Kyoshitsu; and magazine-like books, the Hanrei Hyakusen Series (The Selection of 100 Statutes and Precedents Series). We also enhance specialized dictionaries and publish them electronically.

Responding to the Needs of the Times

Times are rapidly changing in the wake of globalization and digitization. To respond to reader demand, we are issuing our “publication assets,” built up through our long-standing publishing activities, in the form of digital media. Such efforts include the digitization of Jurist DVD, Hanrei Hyakusen DVD, Hogaku Kyoshitsu DVD and Roppo Zensho Fukkoku-ban DVD (Compendium of Laws revised edition DVD), which have garnered acclaim. Furthermore, we initiated the web development of content on Vpass (Valuable Precedents Access Service System). This is a new and well-received service that enables access to the precedents databases provided by other companies. Moreover, we provide a line of books difficult to reprint due to small circulation as On-Demand Publications, thus fulfilling the needs of readers who have long desired to read these publications.
       The world of learning and studying is also rapidly changing in tandem with the development of society. We believe it our mission to sensitively perceive these trends and continue to produce books that meet readers’ needs. In keeping with the tradition of our company, we intend to pursue our core subjects of social sciences and humanities and to steadily and ambitiously continue our publishing activities to respond to a wide range of demands from readers.

Corporate Data
Company name: Yuhikaku Publishing Co.,Ltd.
Head office: 2-17 Kanda Jimbo-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051
President: Sadaharu Egusa
Founded: 1877
Paid-in capital: \100 million
Number of employees: 85
(books, magazines, compendium of laws, dictionaries, etc., with a focus on social sciences and humanities)
Affiliated organizations
Yuhikaku Gakujutsu Center Co., Ltd.:
Publisher of specialized books, mainly in the field of law.
Yuhikaku Service Center Co., Ltd.:
A subsidiary created to manage inventory and distribution of Yuhikaku's publications.
Egusa Foundation for International Cooperation in the Social Sciences:
Foundation for the support of international research meetings, research activities in Japan by non-Japanese scholars, overseas research by Japanese scholars, international dissemination of research results, etc in the fields of social sciences.
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Foreign rights director:
Mr.Masaru Dohi

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